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CloudWright empowers teams to rapidly create robust custom workflows, file automation, report generation, and more.

What is CloudWright?


Develop, test, and deploy applications to the cloud directly from your browser. CloudWright’s web editor provides live testing, autocomplete, examples, and full API documentation for every module you use.


CloudWright Modules give you configure-once, use-anywhere access to both third-party services and internal company databases, APIs, and cloud-native resources.

Cloud REPL

Instantly run your code as you develop in our web editor. Validate changes against real resources at the click of a button.

Flexible Triggers

Run your application on a schedule, in response to events, or as-needed. Generate reports nightly, reformat files when clients upload them, or give your internal teams a documented, reliable tool they can run on on-demand.

Cloud First, Cloud Native

CloudWright applications run directly on cloud serverless platforms. Run once a day, or 1,000 times a second — scale with a cloud provider you already trust.

See what else you can do with CloudWright

Mix and match best-of-breed services to automate your product and increase productivity
MySQL Table Watcher

Watch an example MySQL table and post a message to slack when a new row is detected

S3 Bucket Explorer

Graph folders in an S3 bucket by size

Weather Tracker

Charts the current temperature in Seattle in a Google Sheet.

BigQuery File Joiner

Join two files stored on GCS on a common key using BigQuery

Meeting Info Slack Bot

Create a slack bot that can tell coworkers what meeting you're in

Scalyr Log Watcher

Notify the account owner (configured in your app's database) when error logs are found in Scalyr

Site Status Monitor

Check your web apps health status on a schedule and report uptime to Datadog

App Feature Value Reporter

Combine feature usage data from Pendo and sales data from Salesforce to gauge feature ROI

Slack Self-Registration

Let users sign themselves up for a public slack instance

Large Payment Analyzer

Poll Stripe for large payments and append customer data to Google Sheets for analysis

GCS/S3 File Mirror

Sync files between s3 and gcs buckets

Customer Support Ticket Pager

Page an on-call team using PagerDuty when a support ticket goes over SLA

GitHub Sentiment Analysis

Use AWS Comprehend to find a GitHub repo's most negative issues

User Feedback Collector

Collect feedback, process it with the Cloud Translation and Language APIs, and write it to Airtable

File Reformatter

Read a CSV file (supplied as a Github gist) and reformat the data while applying queries

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